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Reactor with insert suitable with the oddy test


The Oddy test is currently used by numerous museums, collections and archives due to its relatively simple application and low cost to effectively prevent property damage in the storage and exhibition area. The invention relates to a method and a use of an insert for a reactor for the detection of emerging from a substance sample gaseous substan­ces. The invention is particularly suitable in conjunction with the Oddy test.


Using a test tube as reactor and metal indicators made of strips of silver, lead and copper, samples of the material to be examined are placed in a heating cabinet at 60 °C for a period of 28 days with the addition of water in the test tube. Chemical reactions of the ingredients of a material sample with the indicator metals allow conclusions to be drawn about the damage potential of a material for certain other materials.

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A disadvantage is an insufficient sealing of the test tube with a silicone plug, which can result in the escape of water and emittents. Other disadvantages of this prior art are that

  • the test equipment and the test procedure are inconsistent,
  • the test results are difficult to reproduce and hardly comparable,
  • the evaluation of the test indicators is subjective and
  • the handling of the indicator materials is not sustainable and therefore outdated.


The test kit according to the invention comprises a reactor, prefabricated indicator plates made of metal foils or platelets of glass or ceramic coated with indicator metal, an image acquisition station and software for evaluating the results. The glass container is characterized on the one hand by technical design features such as the two-part construction of a glass sleeve and an inner insert with a highly efficient seal and the use of inert materials and on the other by the design (see Fig.1 ).


  • Standardization of the Oddy Test with a uniform reactor
  • Use industrially prefabricated indicator platelets
  • Reproducibility and comparability of results
  • Objective evaluation by image analysis software

Scope of application

The invention may find application in the preventive conservation of artistic and cultural property, e.g. when reviewing materials, etc. for the construction of showcases, cabinets etc. or also packaging materials for museum objects by means of an indicate test.


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Development status


Patent situation

  • DE 50 2018 002 901 granted
  • EP 3 620 232 granted
  • GB 3 620 232 granted


Oddy, substance detection, emission, pollutant test, VOCs, reactor, test, system, indicator, computer-aided, chemical reaction, image processing program, object compatibility

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