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Radio-based wrong-way driver


Electronic warning system for wrong-way drivers using radio


This invention relates to a radio-based warning system for wrong-way drivers, consisting of a measuring device and a warning device.

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The measuring device is a radio tomographic imaging system with several transmitters and receivers. These are installed, for example, along a motorway exit and can determine the direction in which a vehicle is traveling. If a vehicle is detected traveling in the opposite direction to the stipulated way of travel, the warning device sends warnings to the vehicle that is traveling the wrong way as well as to all vehicles in the vicinity.


  • Passive detection of vehicle direction
  • Targeted alerting of traffic
  • Prevention of accidents

Scope of application

Several thousand accidents caused by wrong-way drivers occur every year in Germany alone, especially on motorways. Nevertheless, there are currently no active safety precautions or direct warning systems for road users within the danger zones. The invention makes it possible to monitor sections of road that require monitoring, such as relevant points on freeways, rest areas or parking lots, or even one-way streets, and to trigger warning signals. As the warning beacons can be equipped with optical warning units, it is possible to connect them wirelessly to a hop-to-hop network. An optional connection of the detection system to the cellular network allows the warning message to be automatically sent to a traffic control center via mobile communications.


Patents have been granted in Germany, United Kingdom, France, and the USA. Functional evidence has been provided on a test track. An optional mobile warning unit for use in vehicles is currently being developed to enable local warning messages to be integrated into retrofittable warning modules, navigation devices or cell phones.

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Wireless sensor networks, wrong way driver detection

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