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Multifunctional ESR / DNP Tracer Molecules


Scientists at the University of Bielefeld developed asymmetric derivates of the so called Finland-Trityls for spectroscopic and analytical use.

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FTR-type trityl compounds having two kinds of substituents on the benzene rings can be obtained without a random reaction step by joining the trityl skeleton with substituent diaryl ketone aryllithium.


  • Good access to Trityl spin probes with functional groups
  • Derivatization possible up to two places
  • Connection of the Trityl to biocompatible substituents possible
  • Different properties in the same tracer molecule can be realized
  • Access to tailored tracers, e.g. Side chains for adapting the water solubility as well as functionality for the connection to a target domain

Scope of application

The trityl radicals according to the invention are readily accessible by the new method and carry functional groups with orthogonal reactivity. Therefore they can serve as a starting material of a large number of spin probes. One substituent type is hereby utilized for attachment to the molecule / material to be investigated. The other substituent provides the compatibilization with the medium, e. g. by modifications the Ethin groups with polyethylene glycol chains for aqueous medium. Such molecules are used in ESR (electron spin resonance) and DNP (dynamic nuclear spin polarization) spectrometry as imaging analysis methods, e.g. in living organism.


The trityl radicals according to the invention are patent pending. We are happy to answer your questions about the procedure status. A variety of trityl radicals have been successfully synthesized. On behalf of the University of Bielefeld, PROvendis offers interested companies licenses to the invention and the intellectual property right as well as the possibility of an R & D cooperation.

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Development status

Proof of concept

Patent situation

  • DE pending


Spin Iabei, water compatible-bioconjugateable trityl, trityl radical, triarylmethyl, TAM Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)

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