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Tetrakis(perfluororganyl)gallate for LIBs, ILs and photocatalysis


Tetrakis(perfluororganyl)gallate for LIBs, ILs and photocatalysis


Scientists at the University of Bielefeld successfully synthesized tetrakis(perfluoralkyl)gallate, tetrakis(perfluoralkenyl)gallate, and tetrakis(perfluoralkinyl)gallate, e.g. as the conducting salt for lithium-ion batteries, as a photoacid generator or as a weakly coordinating anion in ionic liquids.

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A coulombic efficiency only slightly below the reference cell with Li[PF6] could already be determined on the as yet unoptimized system. The conductivity of Li[Ga(C2F5)4] in a 1 M diethyl carbonate solution, which is twice as high compared to Li[PF6], and its thermal stability (greater than 150°C) were demonstrated in the laboratory.


  • Non-toxic
  • Hydrolytically stable
  • High conductivity
  • Coulombic efficiency comparable to Li[PF6]


A patent has been filed for the invention in Germany. International patent registrations are possible.

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gallates, electrolyte, battery, lithium ion accumulator

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