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Device for the additive manufacturing of metallic components


The technology according to the invention relates to the field of build-up welding, or the additive manufacturing of components made of metal


In plasma arc welding, an ionized gas is accelerated by applying a voltage towards the workpiece.

Upon impact of the ions on the workpiece material, the kinetic energy is converted to heat, thereby melting the workpiece material and the weld material.

The liquefied weld material in the form of drops forms the basis for additive manufacturing and thus the layered construction of a three-dimensional metal component.


In build-up welding using plasma arc welding, a constant arc (energy input, fanning, temperature, etc.) is required to achieve high dimensional accuracy for complicated component geometries. This is problematic with state-of-the-art processes.


With the help of the new technology, a constant energy input in additive manufacturing by means of plasma arc welding became possible. For this purpose, process parameters of the arc are used. Based on the characteristics of the U / I process diagrams, an artificial, interference-free arc signal is formed by modeling linear functions. Thus, the dynamic control behavior of a welding power source can be documented and simulated. From the relationship between arc length and welding voltage, the control signal is generated for a height step control.


  • Higher dimensional accuracy of the components due to constant energy input
  • Method can be used for complicated component geometries
  • Better automation of the process and simpler design of the control technology

Scope of application

The field of application of the technology according to the invention is the additive production of components made of metal by means of plasma arc welding.

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Development status


Patent situation

  • DE 10 2018 131 162 A1 pending


additive manufacturing, arc, arc welding, plasma, regulation

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