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The torque sensor “ARGUS” uses magnetic fields to monitor mechanical loads in shafts and axes. With ARGUS eyes, the sensor measures a large number of mechanical operating variables such as speed, torque or positional deviation without contact in an inductive manner in real time. The sensor is suitable for use in large-scale plants such as wind farms, mining machines or generator plants as well as in the automotive industry.


ARGUS represents a contactless and multifunctional sensor system from the T-Sensor series for determining and monitoring relevant operating parameters of mechanical drive systems. This includes torque, speed and position. The sensor principle does not require any treatment or change in the surface of the ferromagnetic drive element. The retrofittable sensor system is suitable for dynamic as well as static load measurements on ferromagnetic components with high temporal resolution. For the application of measurement technology on non-ferromagnetic materials, there remains the possibility of speeds, surface speeds and changes in position between the sensor
and measure material so that the sensor can also be used for contour measurement, for example.

The sensor system is available for purchase or as a rental device as a fix for its own installation. We are happy to differentiate between you in research and development work, the qualification of your system in the course of services and the use of measurement technology for demonstration and teaching commands. Of course, the sensor is done with evaluation electronics

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The ARGUS sensor system has been developed in the frame of a cooperation project between the HZDR Innovation and the KIMA Process Control, which allows the contact-less measurement of various mechanical parameters in real-time. The inductive principle records quantities like torque, speed, transmitted mechanical power, surveils threshold value alarms and observes the direction of movement. The sensor does not require any treatment or any alteration of the shaft. The sensor head consists of a magnetic field emitter, arranged in a close circumference to a set of magnetic field sensitive detectors.

An innovative sensor electronics detects and separates the torque- and speed-dependent signals. The underlying algorithms and analysis software reduces drift, interference or material-specific hysteresis effects.


Miniaturization of the sensor head as well as the electronics and Adaptation to small shaft diameters and limited installation space is possible. Highly temperature and superfacial resistant versions of the ARGUS sensor can be fabricated in various custumer specific forms, e.g. for applications in the chemical industry.


  • contact-less measurement of different parameters
  • easy installation
  • low adjustment-, calibration- and maintanance effort
  • real-time measurement of different quantities

Scope of application

  • Test stands in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • rail-bound transport systems
  • Building materials industry / raw material extraction and processing
  • Renewable energies (hydropower / wind)
  • Automotive (E-Mobility)
  • Structural monitoring



The contact-less sensor does not require any treatment of the measuring object. Furthermore, the system is easy to apply, to calibrate and to maintain under any operational conditions.




EP2549255: Sensoranordnung und Verfahren zur berührungslosen Bestimmung des wirksamen Drehmomentes in einer Welle (2013)


DE102017111055: Vorrichtung, Anordnung und Verfahren zum Charakterisieren der Torsion der Rotation u./o. der Position einer Welle (2017)




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