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ROTAX - Two-Axis Rotator for rotation without limits


The two-axis rotator ROTAX is an innovative component for the precise spatial alignment of material samples during measurements under extreme conditions, such as in strong electromagnetic fields, at very low temperatures or in the smallest space. With ROTAX, two rotation axes at right angles to each other can be controlled independently and simultaneously. The precise control of the sample in the measuring apparatus shortens the measuring time. The automation of the measurement enables multiple data throughput.


The exact spatial alignment of samples when measuring physical properties under extreme conditions is often difficult. In many modern measurement setups, the samples cannot be positioned with precise angles because they are installed in a complex measuring head. With the two-axis rotator ROTAX, material samples can be aligned with high precision over two axes of rotation. The two-axis rotator can be used in measuring equipment in both basic and application-oriented research



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With the two-axis rotator, two axes of rotation at right angles to each other can be controlled independently and simultaneously. This precise alignment enables precise control of the sample to be examined under extreme conditions, for example


  • in the smallest space in a sample rod
  • in strong electromagnetic fields
  • at very low temperatures


The relevant components from ROTAX are made from the plastic polyether ether ketone, which hardly wears out and withstands the lowest temperatures without damage. The material is also non-magnetic


  • Automate your measurements
  • Maximize your data acquisition
  • Get a budget-friendly solution

Scope of application

  • for the determination of physical properties of new materials
  • for chemical analysis
  • for imaging procedures



The size of the two-axis rotator can be manufactured according to individual requirements. It is suitable for working in magnetic fields as well as for examining samples with X-rays or neutron beams. The automation of the measurement enables multiple data throughput.



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  • DE 10 2020 105 671.0 pending


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