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UV-VIS photoinitiator for radical polymerization


This invention affects new sensitizers for photo-induced polymerization, their use, and processes for performing photo-induced polymerization with the new sensitizers

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Radicals for light-induced polymerization are usually photo-induced in the presence of Type II photosensitizers with an initiator. Because they absorb in the UV-VIS range, modern UV and VIS LEDs can be combined to efficiently initiate polymerization. The state of the art is ITX, which has sometimes led to problems printing packaging in the food industry. The invention’s structures should avoid this problem, since they are oleophilic and remain in filmed paint.


  • Alternative to ITX
  • Efficient Type II UV-VIS sensitizer with initiators
  • Photo-ATRP processable for clearer shadow areas

Scope of application

The task of this invention is to make available new photoinitiator systems for radical and perhaps cationic polymerization, especially for vinyl monomers. In the case of cationic polymerization, the goal is additional combinations with oxetanes that do not suffer the disadvantages of the initiator systems currently commercially. The new photoinitiators are to be more environmentally friendly, pose fewer health hazards, and initiate polymerization with a sensitivity that allows them to be combined with relatively harmless UV and blue VIS light from modern intensive LEDs.

The goal was also generally higher photoinitiation efficiency, which the invention achieves. Ultimately, the new photoinitiators are to be used for photocatalytic applications, especially photo-ATRP, using metallic salts in the ppm range or without metal according to the photo-ATRP protocol.


The process is available as proof-of-concept, and laboratory testing has established its feasibility.

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Photoinitiator, free radical Polymerisation, ATRP, Electron Transfer, Type II, Sensitizer

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