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The Invention Store is a service provided by the TransferAllianz. According to your fields of interest, the Invention Store subscription provides you with the latest inventions and high-tech solutions from more than 250 German scientific institutions - directly delivered to your in-box.

To benefit from this free and non-binding service please register yourself by filling in the following form. Your contact data are strictly reserved for internal use by TransferAllianz e.V. and will not be communicated to third parties.

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  • Energy engineering
    • Solar energy technologies / photovoltaics
    • Energy engineering and energy storage
  • Marine and geo sciences
    • Geological sciences
    • Marine sciences
  • Life sciences
    • Green biotechnology
    • White biotechnology
    • Antibodies, hybridoma
    • Cell lines
    • Molecular biology, genetics
    • Research tools
  • Medicine and pharmaceutics
    • Therapy and therapeutics
    • Diagnostics
    • Red biotechnology
    • Dentistry
    • Veterinary medicine
  • Medical technology
    • Implantology
    • Medical devices
    • Medical imaging
  • Chemistry
    • Polymer chemistry
    • Chemical synthesis and process engineering
    • Analytical chemistry
    • New-found chemical substances
    • Electrochemical energy systems
  • Food science and natural products
    • Agricultural engineering
    • Wood technology
    • Food technology and nutrition
  • Engineering
    • Aeronautics and astronautics
    • Railway transportation and shipbuilding
    • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
    • Process engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Automotive engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Manufactoring technology
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
    • Electronic circuits
    • Electric power transmission
    • Electrical drives
    • Instrumentation and controls engineering technology
  • Physical sciences
    • Sensor systems technology and measuring instruments
    • Optics, photonics and laser technology
  • Materials science and engineering
    • Nanotechnology
    • Surface engineering
    • Metallurgy
    • Smart materials
    • Semiconductors
  • Information and communication technology
    • Data transmission
    • Communication engineering
    • Software engineering
    • Database systems
    • Data security and privacy
    • Computer graphics

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