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1. Temperature compensation for semiconductors - Minimize temperature and tolerance effects in MOS circuits  
The technology of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a method for minimizing temperature and tolerance effects in MOS circuits, which can be used in series production for all known analog MOS circuit...  
2. Active interference-suppressed power electronics  
Broadband interference suppression with active narrowband filters  
3. Phytic acid coating  
Phytic acid binding agent  
4. Designer antisense-circular RNAs (AS circRNAs)for the inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing and mRNA translation  
We present two new lines of designer antisense-circRNAs (AS-circRNAs), which are capable of influencing pre-mRNA splicing and mRNA translation.  
5. Climate-neutral steelmaking - Aerosol method of producing green steel  
Novel raw material input for the production of green steel. In addition to hydrogen, a carbon-containing aerosol is used to produce green steel.  
6. Mechanochemical Fries - Mechanochemical synthesis method for solvent-free Fries rearrangement  
The new mechanochemical process developed by scientists at Ruhr- Universität Bochum describes the synthesis of hydroxyaryl ketones in which, for the first time, the Fries rearrangement is carried out...  
7. Mech HAT-CN - Mechanochemical synthesis method for producing nitrogenous arenes, especially from hexaazatriphenylene hexacarbonitrile (HAT-CN)  
Mechanochemical synthesis of HAT-CN by condensation of hexaketocyclohexane and diaminomaleonitrile in refluxing acetic acid. The new process, which was developed by scientists at the Ruhr University...  
8. Scalable photodetector - Photodetector without external power source  
Most optical sensors require an external supply voltage - not so thenovel scalable photodetector from the University of Duisburg-Essen. This photodetector can also be processed or manufactured on a...  
9. Greatly improved radar/lidar sensor - Quantum-supported measurement procedure  
Greatly improved distance measurement with radar/lidar sensor through the use of quantum technology.  An invention of the University of Paderborn improves radar/lidar systems theoretically up to...  
10. ITIH3 - a biomarker for Myasthenia gravis activity, a novel ELISA-based approach  
The invention aims at monitoring inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H3 (ITIH3) in the serum of Myasthenia gravis patients as the first biomarker for the assessment of MG disease activity in...  

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