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Soluble lead flow battery and conditioning method  
2. Reactor with insert suitable with the oddy test  
The Oddy test is currently used by numerous museums, collections and archives due to its relatively simple application and low cost to effectively prevent property damage in the storage and...  
4. Module architecture for photoelectrochemical solar water splitting  
This invention forms the basis for modules highly-efficient at producing hydrogen using solar energy. The transport of the gases produced and the diffusion processes in the electrolyte present new...  
5. Biodegradable nano- and meso-polymer particles for protecting the pulmo-nary surfactant of the lung  
This innovation concerns biocompatible polymeric nano-, meso- and micro-polymer particles which are able to bind pathogenic proteins that penetrate into the lining layer of the lung.  
7. Maintaining polarization in optical fibers (PoF)  
Apparatus and method for precisely maintaining the linear polarization of light at the output of an optical fiber  
8. Removal of Fe-containing impurities from industrial minerals with biological reagents  
The microbially produced compound Marinobactin is a biocompatible reagent to remove Fe-containingimpurities from industrial minerals like quartz sand and kaolin. It can be used in traditional froth...  
9. Support Cushion  
This invention is an inflatable wedge-shaped cushion that can optionally be filled with alternating pressure. This allows seriously ill patients to be lifted up for a 30° position as needed in...  
10. UHV-glass cell  
Ultra-low birefringence dodecagonal vacuum glass cell for the investigation of cold atom ensembles  

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