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1. Vim3 and Mxi-2 antibodies - Non-invasive markers for diagnosis and differentiation of benign and malignant renal carcinoma  
The invention relates to Vimentin3 and Mxi-2 antibodies found for the non-invasive diagnosis of kidney tumors. These antibodies can make a clear differentiation of oncocytoma and RCC types and...  
2. Thermal Energy Storage to Provide Dispatchable Low-carbon Process Heating  
Thermal energy storage (TES) is a low-cost, long-lived technology which can be used to provide dispatchable energy on demand. The system can be charged thermally or electrically where the energy is...  
3. Stimulation electrode with improved impedance characteristics to increase stimulation quality  
New electrode geometry or arrangement to improve the pulse quality of stimulation electrodes  
4. Thermally conductive composite cartridges  
Special cartridge design for the application of polymeric restorative composites and a tailored heating table arrangement that improves the in situ flowability of dental restorative materials,...  
5. Self-Assembling Oxide Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting  
We have developed an electrocatalytic material for oxygen evolution reactions (OER) in alkaline solutions. The main purpose of this activity is to make the H2 production more effective. Our...  
6. Substitute for LIDAR sensors  
Nonlinear Photodiode  
7. Interference filter - Smart film structures for manufacturing angle-independent interference filters  
Smart film structures for manufacturing angle-independent interference filters  
8. Biocatalytic production of NADH and aromatic/aliphatic aldehydes  
The invention presented herein provides a biocatalytic (enzymatic) process for the reduction of either carboxylic acids (primarily providing aldehydes and subsequently alcohols) or NAD+ (providing...  
9. Hardware-based security module - Ethernet security dongle for secure authentication  
The hardware-based security module enables authentication of common information processing devices without having to modify them. It can be used for Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, Zigbee applications or...  
It is widely accepted that using fuel cell systems in a civil aircraft can improve the design in multiple ways, such as reduced noise, lowered emissions and higher fuel economy and thus is better...  

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