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1. Brake dust filter hood with final separator and vortex generator for passive manipulation of the boundary layer  
For passive collection of brake dust, the present brake dust collector uses a final separator to shed the dust containing boundary layer off the surface and guide it into filter mats. This shedding...  
2. Brake dust collector with venturi suction generator for active boundary layer manipulation  
For efficient collection of brake or tire dust, this present brake dust collector uses an air feed to shed the dust containing boundary layer off the surface. The suction needed, is prvided by a...  
3. Constant laser pulse amplification by means of a special master oscillator power amplifier - MOPA  
Laser amplifiers play an important role in industrial production processes. A constant high quality of the laser pulses is indispensable for a efficient production. The new ‘Master-Oscillator Power...  
4. Simplified, high-precision laser-micro-drilling using trepanning optics with micro-structured mirrors  
This robust trepanning optics with only one rotating element (grid mirror) offers great flexibility with regard to the realizable drill diameter/ geometry range and also simplifies setup and...  
5. Broadband grating waveguide mirror for high efficiency pulse compression and high-power high efficiency green laser  
These broadband grating waveguide mirrors with a diffraction efficiency of 99.7 %, that are as well polarization and wavelength selective, can be realised with standard nano- and microfabrication...  
6. Tissue-specific hydrogel-based ECM hybrid material used as a precisely fitting implant for the treatment of extensive tissue defects  
This technology provides the fundamental for a native wound gel that is capable of comprehensive treatment of deep and large area wounds. Due to its tissue-specific composition and high bioactivity...  
7. Narrow bandwidth emitting laser diodes – resonant waveguide grating provides cost-effective wavelength stabilization  
The emitting spectral bandwidth of laser diodes for semiconductor diode lasers is optimally reduced to a very small range. Resonant waveguide grating (RWG) provides an easy and inexpensive method to...  
8. Selective determination of the mRNA expression profile of single cells by an optogenetic switch (via the LOV domain) and subsequent single-cell sequencing  
Optogenetics as a new field of research in genetics analyses the effect of lasers on single cells.  
9. Tank system for methanol fuels with fire protection device  
The invention relates to a method for preventing fires in tank systems as well as several design examples for tank systems for methanol fuels with a fire protection device.  

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