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1. Breath'n'Dream - Diversion strategy for children during anesthetic induction  
The advantage is that anesthesiologists have an easy-to-use tool to treat uncooperative or stressed children before anesthesia without sedatives, which can have side effects. There is minimal need to...  
2. Wiegand position encoder with Gray code generation - Continuous rotation angle and speed position determination  
A new technology from the FH Aachen describes a rotation angle sensor for determining the absolute position by means of several Wiegand sensors. The transitions detected by the Wiegand sensors are...  
3. Field-programmable analog circuits  
Programmable, integrable analog circuit grid  
4. EPIC spectrometer  
Scalable, monolithically integrable Fourier-transform spectrometer  
5. Material made from renewable aquatic raw materials  
Fully recyclable material made of an artificial biofilm consisting of renewable aquatic raw materials  
6. Asian plant against Ebola virus  
Antiviral activity of the natural product silvestrol for the treatment of infectionsby viruses with cap-dependent translation  
7. Hock rearrangement - Catalyst for sulfuric-acid-free phenol and acetone synthesis  
The present invention is an environmentally friendly process as a substitute for common synthesis routes for sulfuric acid-free phenol and acetone synthesis.  
8. Optimized chip tests - Reconfigurable test structures for fast IC tests  
Reliable microchips, so-called integrated circuits (ICs), must be tested to guarantee the required functionality in later operation. This costs chip manufacturers a lot of time and money. The novel...  
9. MultiXQuant - Quantification and calorific value determination of lightweight materials with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy  
New analytical method for quantification in lightweight materials such as plastics, polymers or refuse-derived fuels using X-ray fluorescence analysis.  
10. Manufacturing of natural flavor substances  
Discovery of a novel O-methyltransferase from Pleurotus sapidus and application to the extraction of aroma compounds.  

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