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1. Cholinergic activity enhancers (CAEs)  
Novel alkaloids as potential drugs to treat Alzheimer´s disease or as lifestyle drugs for neuroenhancement  
2. Compensating for Leakage - A DC-DC stage control mechanism for on-board chargers in EVs  
Efficient charging of traction batteries is a key technology for the success of electric vehicles on the market. To this end, concepts for transformerless on-board chargers are currently being...  
3. Optimized Amplifier Circuit - Fast ramp-up for DC chopper-stabilized amplifier chains  
Shunt current measurement techniques are used in electric cars and in the charging stations. Special control of the circuit allows amplifiers to be ramped up to the operating point very quickly,...  
4. Digital Power Factor Correction - Reducing electromagnetic interference emissions in PFCs  
By using this new digital power factor correction, the electromagnetic interference in power electronic systems such as battery chargers, plug-in power supplies, computer power supplies or e-bike...  
5. Submerged Bioprinting - 3D-Printing of cell-containing hydrogel structures with high geometrical complexity  
The present invention allows to print the conduits submerged in non-miscible solvents of high density, such as fluorocarbons (e.g. C12F27N), that support the printed structure while it is being...  
6. 3D-TAM (Tumour Angiogenesis Model) - A 3D-Printed Biomimetic Tumour Angiogenesis Model  
This model can be used to analyse tumour groth, tumour angiogenesis and therapeutic effects on the 3D-printed cell model. No animal tissue is needed. Therefore, this 3D-printed Tumour Model...  
7. Microwave thermograph  
The new method for microwave thermography uses a commercially available HD optical camera and an indicator plate to convert the microwaves into a high-resolution, digital field distribution. The...  
8. Measure the smallest of currents of CMOS chips - Optimising Lab-on-a-Chip Applications  
Lab-on a chip applications often need to be able to measure the smallest currents on CMOS chips. Thanks to a new measurement circuit, an offset and 1/f noise compensated current-to-digital...  
9. Dummy foot - A test procedure for orthoses of the lower extremities  
The invention uses an individualized foot dummy to provide the possibility of examining the lower leg orthosis in order to enable adequate immobilization. To achieve this, the supporting leg is...  
10. Three-dimensional matrix of allogeneic or xenogenic bone devitalized by hydrostatic high pressure for surgical applications  
Method and corresponding device for the production of dimensionally stable allogenic or xenogenic bone replacement material.  

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