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1. Non-contact, simultaneous acquisition of topography and spectral data of an object  
By cleverly combining two conventional methods together with a feedback strategy for mutual improvement, topography and hyperspectral measurements can now be performed in parallel on...  
2. Adaptive Controller  
Two-position controller with reduced control-value range  
3. Method to improve the rooting of cuttings  
Provided is a method to improve the rooting of cuttings, particularly for horticultural plants.  
4. Semi-active fluid damper system  
Liquid damper column with adjustable properties  
5. ACDC-Control  
Correction of inter-system errors in hybrid AC/DC transmission systems  
6. Efficient H2O decomposition  
Transition-metal catalyst for the photocatalytic H2O decomposition  
7. Robust One-shot Short Coherence Interferometry ROSI  
The "robust one-shot interferometry" (ROSI) developed at the University of Stuttgart has been optimized in several aspects and now offers a miniaturized, robust and long-term stable as well...  
8. E-Lumi-Tex - Active Lighting by textile finishing  
Researchers of the Niederrhein University have invented a method to produce electroluminescent textile surface by conventional printing methods.  
9. Cleaning robot swarm  
Visual control of a swarm of cleaning robots  
10. Drivetrain Integrated DC-DC Converter for Multiple Voltage Level Vehicles  
The novel powertrain integrated DC-DC converter for hybrid vehicles extends the familiar conventional inverter topology for operating the starter.  

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