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1. In situ polymerising depot system for stimulus-responsive release of (ionic) agents  
The invention concerns a novel, polymer-based drug depot system which is introduced into the human body, where it enables a continuous release of the active substance and finally completely degrades...  
2. Test system for food by simulation of metabolism processes  
The new test procedure simulates on a carrier material how the chemical substance or food acts on a certain metabolic process of the human body, e.g. on the gastrointestinal tract.  
3. Mass spectrometric data analysis allowing quantitative determination of structural isomers within Mixtures of Compounds  
The new analytical method presented herein allows the qualitative and quantitative analysis of structurally isomeric compounds of a mixture by mass spectrometry without the need of separating...  
5. Device for the additive manufacturing of metallic components  
The technology according to the invention relates to the field of build-up welding, or the additive manufacturing of components made of metal  
6. Switchable holograms & nanoscopic zoom lenses: Integrated multifunctional meta-surfaces (APNPCs) enable ultra-fast dynamic beam steering  
Nanoscopic zoomlenses, dynamic beam steering and holograms – thanks to an inventive combination of metamaterial on top of a phase change material, all this features can be implemented. Within...  
7. Femtosecond switch - switchable chirality and thus switchable optical activity in metamaterials  
Using an optical or electrical signal to change the chirality and therefore the optical activity in either the visible, infrared or THz spectrum for a certain wavelength: This is possible with the...  
8. Intelligent charging for electric vehicles  
Common-mode-free three-phase non-isolated on-board chargers  
9. NoFlameSty  
Intrinsically flame retardant polystyrene without halogens  
10. Fully recyclable, non-combustible insulating material made of mineral plastic for use in building construction, vehicle construction and housings for electronic devices  
Researchers at the University of Konstanz, Germany have developed a mineral plastic foam that, as a bio-inspired hybrid material, can solve many of the problems associated with conventional...  

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