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1. Dispersionseinrichtung  
Diese Dispersionseinrichtung erzeugt aus einem mehrphasigen Medium eine feinblasige, homogene Dispersion. Das sorgt für einen effizienteren Wärmeübergang – z.B. in Absorptionskältemaschinen.  
2. Vorrichtung zum gezielten Abschuss von Feststoffprojektilen zur Auslösung von Reflexen und reflexartigen Reaktionen im Kehlkopfbereich  
Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung zum gezielten Abschuss von Feststoffprojektilen zur Auslösung von Reflexen und reflexartigen Reaktionen im Kehlkopfbereich.  
3. Innovative braiding technique and bifurcation stents with a seamless transition area  

Optimized braiding technique for bifurcation stents Seamless transition area with a homogenous density for maximum stability and flexibility at bifurcation sitesSecondary branches can...
4. Production of protein-grafted cellulosic fibers by a simple two-step process  
The new method presented herein consists of two simple steps for chemically modifying the surface of cellulosic materials, e.g. macroscopic sheets, microscopic fibers, filaments or nanoparticular...  
5. Innovative 18F-labeled Norepinephrine analog PET tracers for broad diagnostic applications in neurology, cardiology and oncology  
·       Simple and low-cost synthesis and superior labeling efficiency
·       Extended tracer half-life and high PET signal...
6. Electrical connection pads with improved solderability  

Laser-based surface functionalizationNo additional protection layers or chemicals needed Fast one-step-process for nearly all materials
7. Non-Invasive Four-point Probe Measurement  
The invention addresses both a device and a method for determining the electrical resistance of an object.  
8. Affordable compact accelerator-driven neutron source  
We offer an affordable compact accelerator-based neutron source (CANS) that produces neutrons by the nuclear capture reaction between a low energy proton beam and light elements as beryllium or...  
9. Cheap and pure production of D-xylonate  
The invention relates to a method of producing enantiomerically pure d-xylonate with a modified Corynebacterium glutamicum strain in which the activity of the IolR gene has been reduced or...  
10. Dreidimensionale zellulare Metallstrukturen in Leichtbauweise  
Automatisiertes Fertigungsverfahren für dreidimensionale und zellulare Leichtbau-Metallstrukturen mit variabel einstellbaren Strukturparametern (Porosität, Energieabsorptionsvermögen, spezifische...  

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