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1. New immunostimulatory synthetic compounds for the treatment of Leishmaniasis  
We are presenting a new familiy of synthetic immunostimulatory compounds based on glycolipid molecules. This active ingredient family is being successfuly tested to fight Leishmaniasis infections.  
2. New enhanced aPTT coagulation diagnostics  
Our new diagnostic solution offers an enhanced way to perform aPTT coagulation tests, based on the highly specific activation of the F-XII. Our newly designed antibody allows an even more robust...  
3. Efficient prediction & monitoring of TNFα blocker therapy  
We are offering a new biomarker that enables the reliable and efficient prediction & monitoring of anti-TNFα therapies, whose efficacy, up to date, cannot be properly addressed.
4. Di- and Triphosphate prodrugs with controlled release mechanism  
We are presenting a new therapeutic family of components to fight a number viral infections and tumor tissues. Through a remarkably modulable synthesis we are able to create nucleoside derivatives...  
5. Catch, transport & release heat - Versatile, polysaccharide-based composite material for water & heat storage  
We are offering a new composite material for the thermochemical water & heat storage.
Our new polymeric material is based on the salt hydration principle and allows a high storage density....
6. Upgrade your bioreactor - All-in-One electrode for electrobiosynthesis and redox potential control  
Our innovation presents an electrode for hydrogen and oxygen production in (bio)reactors.
We are offering an all-in-one device that produces a precisely tunable amount of hydrogen/oxygen...
7. Applying graph minors and tangles to image and cluster analysis  
We show how an image can, in principle, be described by the tangles of the graph of its pixels.
The tangle-tree theorem provides a nested set of separations that efficiently distinguish all...
8. Fight against flu re-defined - Novel phytochemical for the treatment of Influenza virus infections  
This innovation presents Tiliroside, a new active ingredient, isolated from a plant extract, which has proven excellent properties for fighting Influenza virus infections. Tiliroside represents a new...  
9. THSD7A - Our novel & multifunctional cancer biomarker  
THSD7A has been identified as a relevant target for the identification and treatment of several types of cancer. While this protein has been already stablished as biomarker for membranous...  
10. Fighting Malaria with renewed force - Our new anti-malarial compound  
We are introducing a new coumpound family that presents an exciting possibility to fight Malaria infections. This drug acts on a novel target, namely the Formate-Nitrate-Transport protein, which...  

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