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During outbreaks, gregarious locusts may spread over an enormous area, in particular in Africa, the Near East, Middle East, Far East, South-West Asia, North and South America and Australia....  
2. Pressure-controlled Balloon Thrombectomy Device JURY-LITE  
The device JURY-LITE enables the control and recording of the balloon pressure of catheters used during thromboembolectomy. It can help Junior doctors to manage such a surgery in less Training time...  
3. Diagnostic method for direct analysis of human material collected in vivo  
The technology facilitates simplified and improved cancer diagnostics by combining cell analysis and in situ multiplex molecular profiling of nucleic acid and protein biomarkers on in vivo collected...  
Innovative Storage System for Biological Samples in Cryogenic Storage Containers  
5. Night Vision Algorithm  
The Technology provides a new and outstanding method for the enhancement of the quality of dim images. Inspired by the spatial integration of visual information in nocturnal insects, the algorithm...  
6. Biocatalytic Friedel-Crafts Acylations  
This technology provides a biocatalytic method for the regioselective monoacylation of phenols or aminophenols serving as acyl acceptors in the presence of acyl donor molecules of the formula...  
7. Recombinant peroxidase-protein G  
A new peroxidase-protein G fusion construct is recombinantly produced in the yeast P. pastoris.  
8. Multipath-assisted Indoor Navigation and Tracking (MINT)  
A novel radio-based localization and tracking concept has been developed that treats multipath propagation as source of additional information and not as error source. This information makes...  
9. New Enzymes for production of aldehydes – Enzymatic alkene cleavage  
The University offers an unprecedented enzyme that cleaves alkenes to the corresponding aldehydes at the expense of molecular oxygen. This mild and selective oxidation method has broad applicability...  
10. Inhibitors of Adipose Triglyceride Lipase (ATGL) for the treatment of Diabetes II and tumor-induced cachexia  
The University offers a new technology addressing at least the two markets of tumour-induced cachexia and diabetes type II. Cancer has become a constantly increasing problem and thus about 1 % of all...  

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