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91. Gegendruckvorrichtung zum indirekten Strangpressen  
Strang-pressverfahren mit Gegendruck zur signifikanten Erhöhung der Druckfließgrenze von strang-gepressten Magnesiumlegierungen.  
92. Pixel Processing  
Method for processing the pixel value of at least one image pixel.  
93. Combustion Control  
Active control of chaotic instabilities in combustors.  
94. Stall Warning Indicator  
Early warning system for compressor instabilities.  
95. Synthesis of Nanoparticles  
Process for the large-scale synthesis of monodisperse nanoparticles in spray flames  
96. The Sling – Improved Anchorage for CFRP Tension Members  
Multi-layer anchoring with at least one loop formed by double-sided carbon fibers.  
97. Coupling Device  
Androgynous (high pressure) coupling device with an integrated ball valve for liquid and gaseous media  
98. New alcohol-free beverage  
Improved method for the production of a beverage having an ethanol content of under 0.5 vol%.  
99. Mobile, Modular, Multimodal Biosignal Acquisition M3BA  
The mobile, modular, multimodal biosignal acquisition architecture (M3BA) offers high-performance and high precision acquisition of multiple bio-electrical and bio-optical brain- and body signals, ...  
100. New EAP-Determination, including Beverage Antioxidative IndeX (BAX)  
Method for the assessment of the endogenous antioxidative potential (EAP) of beer and other beverages  

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