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91. PH-biosensor based on hyperpolarized zymonic acid for non-invasive imaging and spectroscopy  

Reliable and non-invasive extracellular imaging sensor to localize and quantify pHPotential for diagnosis and therapy of diseases characterized by aberrant acid-base balances

92. Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Entfernung von Ammoniak aus Gasen mittels Plasmen  
Mit Hilfe der neuen Technologie kann auf besonders vorteilhafte Art und Weise Ammoniak aus einem Gas entfernt werden.  
93. Improving Stability and Secretion of ­Antibodies  
Improvement of the biophysical properties of antibodies and enhancement of antibody secretion by imitating the stabilizing structural elements of shark antibodies CL domain is modified by a...  
94. HyPer: Hybrid OLTP&OLAP High ­Performance Database System  
Simultaneous OLAP-transactions andOLTP-queriesArbitrarily current and consistent snapshotsof OLTP dataGuarantees the ACID properties  
95. X-Ray Plus Optical Data: Apparatus and Method for Augmented Visualization  
Combined x-ray and optical imagingImproved image qualityLarge working space for surgeons  
96. SNIP: A new semiconductor material  

Tin phosphor iodide (SnIP) is a new semiconductor materialPhotoluminescence in the visible makes it interesting for solar cells and light emitting diodesFirst inorganic double helix structure...
97. Dough relaxation through electromagnetic pulses  
Drastic shortening of the baking timeEasy processability of the dough High controllability of the preparation parameter  
98. Process for the synthesis of PHB bioplastics  
Biocompatible and biodegradable plastic with superior propertiesSuitable for packaging, surface coating and polymer blends Competitive green substitute for petrochemical plastics  
99. New Catalyst System for High ­Performance Polymers  
Superior method for the polymerization of Michael-type based monomersNew versatile catalyst systemCheaper, fasterand  greener process  
100. Eco-friendly choline surfactants and ­detergents with high cold-water solubility  
Highly effective eco-friendly surfactants and detergentsLow-temp and hard-water robustnessCost-effective production from various raw materials  

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