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91. System for Fluorescence-Guided Surgery  
The technology enables the surgeon to place and navigate e.g. a laparoscope, within an organ in an extremely precise, safe, and reliable manner.  
92. Autoantibody Panel for Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer  
The invention offers an autoantibody set that can be used as a diagnostic tool for diagnosis and stratification of colorectal cancer patients.  
93. Stabilization of Focus in High Resolution Microscopy  
The relative position of a microscope objective with regard to a sample is essential in imaging the sample using the microscope objective. The invention describes a method in which monitoring and...  
94. Machine Learning-based Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography  
The proprietary technology includes a method, a computer program and an apparatus for estimating an optical property of a tissue from a photoacoustic image in a fast, simple and accurate manner...  
95. Pipette Device for Delicate Transfer of Tissue in Immunohistochemistry Staining Procedures  
Staining of tissue is a standard method in biological laboratories, but also in clinical environment for diagnostics such as immunohistochemistry (IHC). After a certain incubation period the protocol...  
96. JAK2-mutation associated CMN – novel compounds for treatment  
Chronic myeloproliferative neoplasia (CMN) is associated with the JAK2-V617F mutation. Novel compounds and a new concept are provided for the treatment of thrombosis and splenomegaly which are the...  
97. Plasmasensor - Planarer Sensor mit gestapeltem Aufbau zur Messung von Plasmaparametern  
Der neuartige Plasmasensor basiert auf der sogenannten aktiven Plasma-Resonanzspektroskopie, wobei der Sensor selbst in der Wand des Reaktors montiert wird und somit den Prozess nicht beeinflusst....  
98. Optimale Füllstofforientierung in spritzgegossenen Verbunden durch gezielte Werkzeugbewegung  
Dieses Verfahren  erlaubt es, auch anisometrische Füllstoffe gezielt in gewünschter Raumrichtung zu orientieren und ermöglicht auch in dünnen Bauteilen ein hohes Kern-/Randschicht-Verhältnis....  
99. Mortality Prediction Through DNA Methylation Biomarkers  
Getting to know you chances of dying can be daunting but also can be rather useful and fascinating. The kit predicts all-cause mortality independent of underlying diseases or the "epigenetic...  
100. Drug delivery for the gastrointestinal tract – Novel carrier system through mucus layers  
Here we present an innovative and fully bio-compatible delivery system (conjugate complex) that can, at the same time, transport a useful cargo and influence its environment to increase...  

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