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121. Heat Pump System with Cascaded Integration of a Latent Heat Storage  

Renewable energiesVRFsystemsIncreasedefficiency

122. 3d-printing with stamps or construction bricks  

3D printingMaterial and time saving processRapid Prototyping
123. Digital audio amplifier for high output ­power and variable supply voltage  

Multi Channel SystemsActive Loudspeakers High-end-amplifier
125. Success Prediction of an Allergen-specific Immunotherapy  

Innovative prediction method for the therapeutic success of an allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) at an early stage straightforward and easy determination of the relevant parameters from...
126. Funkbasiertes Falschfahrerwarnsystem  
Elektronisches Melde-Warnsystem von Falschfahrern mittels Funk  
127. VSV/NDV Hybrid Virus Cancer Therapy  

‍VSV/NDV hybrid enables efficient tumor cell killing.VSV/NDV hybrid virus effectively overcomes the safety concerns of each parental virus and combines the advantages of...
128. Cannula for ocular micro-injection  

‍Intra- and sub-retinal targeted administration of drugs Easy and highly precise targeting Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
129. Method for assessing the efficacy of immunmodulatory drugs  
Biomarker using CD147/MCT1 destabilization as mechanismFor the use of IMiDs (Immunomodulatory drugs)To treat hematologic malignancies like multiple myeloma (MM)  
130. A calcium-sensor for NMR/MRI based diagnostic imaging using hyperpolarized xenon  

in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo detection of calcium changes via NMR and MRI & Hyper-CESTin particular for diagnosing and/or monitoring treatment of diseases

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