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41. Hydrogels: Injectable Depot-Systems  

that gelatinize by a dual mechanism based on Diels-Alder reaction and physical crosslinkingStability and stiffness can be adjusted to therapeutic needHydrogels are stable, in situ forming,...
42. Process for the isolation of natural fragrances  
Fast low-temperature extraction of natural fragrancesMild, non-toxic and effectiveWater based green process  
43. Small molecule hdac6 inhibitors  

Cancer cells use an extracellular citrate supply as an important energy source and substrate for the synthesis of critical cellular building blocks (e.g. fatty acids).  A highly...
44. Small molecule hdac6 inhibitors  

‍HDAC6 is a promising target for the treatment of chronic immune and inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Marbostat are new small molecule inhibitors of HDAC6 with...
45. Fuel and additives for biofuel formulation  
Green fuel with improved combustion and viscosity/freezing pointLower particulates and exhaust gas emissions compared to petroleum dieselHighly effective, non-toxic natural antioxidants for long...  
46. Efficient 2D-separation technique through coupling of IC and CE for high throughput MS analysis  
Efficient separation of small moleculesHigh through put mass spectrometry analysis  
47. Flexible and breathable nonwovens with superior electrical conductivity  

Bendable andbreathable material with metal-like electrical conductivityLow silver contentrequired, simple wet-laid processFor e.g. lightweight electrodesand electric shielding
48. Innovative ceramic fiber composite materials with high thermal and corrosion stabilities  
Superior ceramic fiberprepregs for high-temperature stable materialsPrepregs storablewithout climate control, reversible drying processLittle to no volumeshrinkage during sintering  
49. Breathable, ultra-lightweight ­electroconductive foams  
Flexible, breathablefoams with high electro-conductivitySimple, scalablemetallization process (using e.g. copper or silver)Fast heating capacity  
50. Superhydrophobic “Lotus Effect” surface coating  
Superhydrophobic, breathable non-stick coatingFinishing for varioussurface materialsGreen, organicsolvent-free process   

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