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51. Vehicle individual CAN-profile for secure communication between control units  
Fast and secure data transferObfuscated communication instead of encrypted communicationIndividual CAN-Profileper vehicle  
52. Concept for hermetic, low heat, minimum induction packaging for semiconductor chips  

Efficient protection from the atmosphereThermal resistance reductionInduction and parasitics effects reduction.
53. Detection of impurities in the sub-ppb range  

Detection for  impurities in sub-ppb range in liquid phase       Continuous flow measurementSpectroscopic approach for metallics impurities and emtallic complexes
54. Local immune checkpoint inhibition  

Trispecific molecules (LiCADs, local inhibitor checkpoint antibody derivatives) enable local (tumor) immune checkpoint inhibition, which avoids systemic side effects LiCADs comprise binding...
55. New drug target in Alzheimer’s disease  

Aη-α as a new drug target and / or diagnostic marker for Alzheimer disease Presence of Aη-α fragments in AD brains should be taken into account for development/applicati- on of drugs...
56. Urinary marker for bladder cancer detection  

The focal adhesion protein LASP-1 is a novel and simply detectable marker for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCB) LASP-1 overcomes the limitation of currently used cystoscopy and urine...
57. Glyko-engineered interleukin-4 based antagonists  

New strategy for the generation of a novel IL4-based IL4/IL13-InhibitorInnovative application of N-glycan structures for development of receptor antagonistsApplicable for following areas:...
58. Adaptive suction hood system  

Distance reduction between collecting element and machine                                    ...
59. Device and method for material testing in application-related conditions  
Novel device and method enabling materials testing under realisti catmospheric conditions.Enabling quasistatic and cyclical experiments.Enabling high and realistic cooling rates.  
60. Processing a foam work piece  

‍New product properties Better processing Flexible processing

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