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61. Schweißverfahren für unterschiedliche Materialkombinationen  

Unterschiedliche Materialkombinationen können verbunden werdenAuch schwer schweißbare Werkstoffe können verarbeitet werdenKeine Erwärmung auf Schmelztemperatur notwendig
62. Acoustic detection of liquid droplets on solid surfaces  

Large area monitoring with few acoustic sensorsContinuous monitoring of industrial infrastructureDroplet position detection
63. Non-invasive ultrasound investigation of ­composition and temperature of fluid mixtures  
Simultaneous monitoring of temperature and compositionNon-invasive monitoring of non-isothermal processesSensors well suited for IIOT applications  
64. Touch-sensitive cladding panels using ­surface acoustic waves  
Touch sensitive cladding panelsFunctionalize almost any sheeting materialTouch position detection  
65. Acoustic detection of thin films in ­fluid-­filled hoses and pipes  
Deposition monitoring in fluid conduitsNon-invasive online monitoringSensors well suited for IIOT applications  
66. Packing solution for fixing pot plants and other sensitive products  

Safe transportation of sensitive goodsCost effectiveLess package material
67. 3d-printer with high speed and high resolution  

Additive ManufacturingHigh speed and Nanoscale resolutionFor MedTech and or production of Nano-Optics
68. NF-KB-activated dendritic cells  
that has very little adverse effects and overcomes the limitations of DC based immunotherapy approachesDCs activation is mediated by via mRNA transfectionActivated DCs show increased IL-12...  
69. Piezoelectric electromagnetic ­­interference filter  
Effective Filtering of electromagnetic disturbancesHigh tunabilityLow-cost and broad applicability  
70. Prognostic and predictive Biomarker for Melanoma  
Prognostic test for patients with malignant melanomaEstimates patient life expectancyBiomarker for predicts melanoma therapy response  

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