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81. Wear-Leveling Circuitry for Aging Effects Mitigation  
Reactor for mass transfer reactionsBiotech, food and beverage processingFor small or deformable particles  
82. Rotating reactor for heterogeneous ­transfer of substances  
Reactor for mass transfer reactionsBiotech, food and beverage processingFor small or deformable particles  
83. Protein Purification/Immobilization through negPeps  

NegPeps (magnetic particle binding peptides) are novel peptides with the potential to replace the common affinity tags based protein purification/immobilization  NegPeps bind to magnetic...
84. Highly Active and Selective Ligands for ­Integrin avß6  

Highly upregulated avß6 in different types of cancerPeptides with remarkable affinity and high selctivityNo binding affinity toward other RGD-recognizing integrins
85. One-Pot Procedure for NCC Isolation  

‍Conventional Production of NCC is complex, expensive and takes several days Novel simplified method for NCC isolation: neutralization-based isolationSignificantly enhanced yield, accelerated...
86. 3D scattering tensor based on one or two axes of rotation  
Shorter acquisition time and fasterreconstruction procedureFull scattering tensor with multipleindependent structural parameters for each volume elementVisualizing sub-pixel fiber orientations  
87. Guide vane for an axial kaplan turbine  
Reduced exit swirl downstream of the runner and efficiency improvementReduction of the dimensions and costs of the turbineEasy synchronization with the turbine generator in the start-up phase  
88. Reusable shielding material for gamma and neutron radiation  

Environment FriendlyCost efficientFlexible and Reusable
89. Process for the production of alcohols  

Synthesis gas (e.g. CO, CO2, H2) is converted by microorganisms in a bioreactor cascade of two serially connected stirred-tank reactors Utilization for small application as well as...
90. A convertible multi-purpose bioreactor  

‍Convertible multi-purpose bioreactor provides 4in1 combination of different types of bioreactosr:stirred-tank bioreactorgas-lift bioreactorpacked-bed biofilm reactortrickling filter biofilm...

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