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81. MPTSC - Modellprädiktive Trajektorienscharregelung für mechatronische Systeme  
Für eine schnelle und präzise Regelung von mechatronischen Systemen werden meist Regelungen auf Basis von nichtlinearen PID-Reglern verwendet. Je mehr Nichtlinearitäten ein System, desto komplexer...  
82. Chromatic Phase Plate for Nanoscopy  
Novel chromatic phase plate designed for STED or RESOLFT fluorescence light microscopy.  
83. Improved Version of The Chorionallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay  
The invention discloses an improved version of the chorionallantic membrane, for accurate quantification of metastatic cells in different organs of the chicken embryo at a high sensitivity.  
84. Plasma S100P & Hyaluronic Acid Level as Prognostic & Treatment Monitoring Markers for Metastatic Breast Cancer  
The present invention comprises the use of two serum/plasma markers for stage discrimination and prediction of survival as well as treatment response in breast cancer patients. Test statistics show...  
85. Device for Sample Purification by Paramagnetic Beads  
The invention discloses a device that enables bead purification and mixing of the sample without the need for moving the reaction plate from one deck position to the other and hence saving time and...  
86. Monoclonal Antibody against SUMO1  
The antibody of this invention is a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against SUMO176-86 recognizing SUMO1 of human, mouse, chicken and X. laevis. It is suitable for western blot and immune...  
87. Methods for A Quantitative Release of Biotinylated Peptides and Proteins from Streptavidin Complexes  
Biotinylated molecules, like proteins or peptides, DNA, RNA and PNA are quantitatively released from streptavidin complexes by adding a mixture of SX. After elution and removal of SX, e.g. by...  
88. Biomarker Panel for Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer  
The invention offers a plasma protein biomarker set that can be used as a diagnostic tool for diagnosis and stratification of colorectal cancer.  
89. Actively Switched Beam Splitter  
DKFZ researchers developed an actively switched beam splitter based on polarizing beam splitters in combination with a Pockels cell which can be used for all fluorescent microscopes using pulsed...  
90. A Unique Inducible Mouse Model of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)  
The mouse model faithfully mimics clinical conditions in HCC and allows evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies like immunotherapy or antiangiogenic therapy or vaccination. The tumor induction is...  

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